Healing Beats

Life would mean very little without beats and rhythms From the cycle of our constant breathing or the pulse of an infectious dance beat, to the circadian rhythm of our 24hr internal clock or the changing of the seasons, as planet Earth keeps its regular orbit around our star.

Beats and rhythms are everywhere. Starting in the womb, surrounded by fluid, the mother’s heartbeat is the soundtrack to the first nine months of our lives. This rhythmic sound is so comforting and familiar that new parents use it to help their little one sleep, made evident by the number of womb sound videos available online.

Our heartbeat is a valued ally throughout our life. Letting us know when we are scared or startled by wanting to jump out of our chest, pumping hard to prepare us for fight or flight. Becoming a calming focus for our mind when drifting into meditation. Fluttering when meeting someone we love – and seemingly stopping or breaking when we have to let them go. We hear it beating in our ears when we overexert ourselves, telling us to slow down. And then, finally, when the beat stops, our time is up.

So, look after your heart as best you can. It is your connection to the rhythm of life.

Much love, Trevor.