Shamanic Consultation and Healing:

shamanic healing

Currently not available due to social distancing.

The one to one Shamanic Healing session entails an initial consultation followed by some time on the therapy couch as the shamanic work is carried out. This work can include a variety of shamanic techniques from past life and ancestral clearing to illuminations and entity extraction. Please see the Shamanism page for an outline of these techniques. The treatment will also include the gentle laying on of hands, use of rattles, drum, voice or bells and other shamanic tools to assist the healing process.

A variety of feelings, emotions or physical sensations can come up to be released and it is asked that you be open to whatever happens, and allow it to unfold knowing that you are in a safe, protected and loving space. This is a very loose outline and the details will always depend upon your needs on the day.

Please allow two clear hours for the session.

Shamanic Session – £90 (€110)

Group Work:


Ceremonies or group workshops are always very powerful and a wonderful way to start or close a course, honour the cycles of the moon and seasons, reconnect to nature and each other, work on specific goals or just celebrate life!

Ceremonies/workshops are tailored to be in tune with your group’s purpose or can be guided by the geographical location and time of year.

Group work donation cost : Dependent upon ceremony and number of people.

Distant (Remote) Healing:

Trevor offers distant or remote healing to anywhere in the world, as distance is not a barrier to energetic healing and the powerful transformational effect it can have. After the initial consultation via whatsapp or similar, you will be asked to lay down, and relax for about 30mins whist Trevor “works” energetically. Trevor will contact you afterwards with feedback, to help you understand and incorporate the healing into your daily life. More details will be provided on booking or on request.

Distant Healing – £45 (€55)

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