Update June 2020: Coronavirus

Currently only Distant (Remote) Healing Sessions are being offered due to social distancing.  Please contact me via email trevor@ShamanicHelp.org, on whatsapp or mobile: +44 794 1315 140

What we are currently seeing and experiencing is unprecedented in our lifetime.  Embrace this time of self isolation, for yourself and for your family. Strengthen your inner cocoon. Perhaps look through my tips section for ideas. 

Anxiety, fear and worry are understandable during this crisis.  Finding ways to limit and not dwell in these draining emotions is important for mental wellbeing. Reduce social media and news intake. Meditate or journey to bring inner calm.  

Accept we all have good days, but also sometimes, not so good days. 

Of course, if you can, and it is safe, help others.  Heroes are not only found on the front line, they abound in a time of need.  If you are unable to help in an obvious way don’t underestimate your own worth and the contribution you can make, even if it is just a text message of friendship or support.   

Much is in transformation and we will all be affected by what happens over the following months in many ways.

Be calm, be kind. Stay safe. 

Hello and welcome to the Shamanic Help website.


Hi, my name is Trevor Cowan and I am a Contemporary Shamanic Practitioner, normally based in the UK, near London. If this is your first visit here please take a moment to read the sections about myself and the description of Shamanism, to see if the services offered resonate with you.

Please also check out the Shamanic Help Blog posts (below or to the right) that includes a couple of posts detailing my shamanic path unfolding in quite a profound way. You can also follow me by clicking the “Follow Shamanic Healing” button.

As a qualified Shamanic Practitioner who has completed the medicine wheel, I am committed to helping people with their lives through counselling, healing work, ceremony and teaching.

So, if you would like help to transform your life, remove blocks, release fears, cut ties from the past, reclaim your power, heal wounds or traumas, or are just looking for guidance to bring you closer to the truth of who you really are and your connection to the planet, then please get in touch.

If you would like to see how I could help in a group environment via ceremony, a retreat or workshop then please email me at trevor@ShamanicHelp.org.

Please note, although they have their place, plant medicines are not used in any of the sessions or ceremonies.