My book, Shamanic Engineering, is now available from amazon by clicking here, and provides an introduction to contemporary shamanism along with simple steps using spiritual, shamanic and self-help exercises to reconnect with your soul and create a more authentic life.

Welcome to the Shamanic Help website.

Hello, my name is Trevor Cowan and I am a Contemporary Shamanic Practitioner, normally based in the UK.

Please take a moment to look through some of my Shamanic Help Blog posts (below or to the right) that include how to conduct your own memorial service for a deceased loved one (click here), an introduction to meditation (click here), and a number of posts detailing my shamanic path unfolding in quite a profound way. I have also recorded some free relaxation guided meditations that you are welcome to try (click here). You can also follow me by clicking the Follow Shamanic Healing button.

As a qualified Shamanic Practitioner who has completed the medicine wheel, I am committed to helping people with their lives through counselling, healing work, ceremony and teaching.

So, if you would like help to transform your life, cut ties from the past, gain clarity on an issue, reclaim your power, heal wounds or traumas, or are just looking to explore your spiritual nature more deeply, then please get in touch.

Also, if you would like to see how I could help in a group environment, on a retreat or with a bespoke workshop, then please drop me a line.

Contact me via email trevor@ShamanicHelp.org, or via whatsapp or mobile: +44 794 1315 140.

Low income concessions available.

Please note, although they have their place, plant medicines are not used in any of the sessions or ceremonies.