About Trevor


Following university and several years travelling, my twenty-five-year career in engineering and project management took me across the globe, working for a number of years in Hong Kong, Mexico and Brazil, before returning to the UK. However, like most on a spiritual path, I knew there was something more I needed to be doing, especially as my health began to suffer. Digestive problems, coupled with acute tinnitus, eventually forced me to leave work and seek my own healing path, as the mainstream healthcare offered was ineffective for me.

So, for over twenty years I have been working consciously on myself, beginning with yoga and meditation, and leading onto the study of shamanism. I completed a two-year training course on the medicine wheel and qualified as a Contemporary Shamanic Practitioner in 2012. See the Contemporary Shamanism section for more information (https://shamanichelp.org/about-2/).

Early in 2020, I returned to the UK from a three-year period abroad where I deepened my practice, enhanced my knowledge and shared my services at hotels, resorts and yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Canada, USA and Australia.

I offer sessions for personal development, healing and growth whereby all manner of ailments and problems can be addressed, including stress and anxiety, physical problems and illnesses, childhood issues and family relationships, sexual and intimacy issues, wounds and traumas, anger and resentment, loneliness, lack of direction, career changes, life blocks, financial and abundance issues, among many.

Group workshops or ceremonies are also undertaken, including opening and closing ceremonies, fire ceremonies, new and full moon ceremonies, council circles and psychopomp and non-religious funerals.

Covid safety measures may affect what can be offered. Please contact me to discuss, however Distant Healing and Phone/Online Consultations will always be available (https://shamanichelp.org/services/).

To book or for more information please contact me via UK mobile: 0794 1315 140, WhatsApp +44 794 1315 140, or email: trevor@ShamanicHelp.org. Thank you.