Para Trevor el amigo, el consejero…El Shaman.

Cuando te vi la primera vez…solo vi un huésped más, me llamaste la atención cuando empezaste a construir un comedero para colibríes ( hammingbird feed)Y luego con el tiempo empeze a poner atención a tu persona, entonces vi algo más que un simple hombre…empeze a conocer al Shaman.
Atraves de las secciones de sanaciónMe enseñaste a trabajar mi culpa, mi ira, mi tristeza,  me enseñaste a entender la razon de la muerte de mi Mamá y hora ya comprendo porque ella murió.
Ahora comprendo muchas cosas de mi vida y la razón de ser de otras.
Hoy puedo decir … Gracias Mamá, Gracias Trevor! – Marcela, Costa Rica 

(Google translation:)

For Trevor the friend, the counsellor … The Shaman.
When I saw you the first time … I only saw one more guest, you caught my attention when you started building a hummingbird feeder. And then in time I began to pay attention to your personality, then I saw something more than a simple man … I began to know the Shaman.
Through the healing sessions you taught me to work through my guilt, my anger, my sadness, you taught me to understand the reason for the death of my Mom and now I understand why she died.
Now I understand many things about my life and the reason for being of others.
Today I can say … Thanks Mom, Thanks Trevor! – Marcela, Costa Rica 

Trevor is a powerful Shamanic Healer with a very humble attitude. He knows exactly what to do and how to work with you.

His Shamanic Healing session has changed my life forever and I was able to overcome the traumatic experiences that I carried around with me for years.
It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with traumatic experiences, fears, energetic blockages or health issues I can only recommend that you see Trevor and let him guide and assist you on your path.  I never felt uncomfortable during the session and even afterwards I felt very much supported and appreciated even in my vulnerability. Thank you so much Trevor.     – Julie.

Thank you Trevor for your calm energy. During the treatment with Trevor I felt really safe and secure, far away from space and time. I had the feeling that during the Shamanic Healing session a lot of things within me started moving, and were transformed into positive. After the session I was really high from Trevor’s energies. A few months later I can still confirm many positive things have happened within my life. I would like to thank you again and again and hope you are going to heal so many more people and be able to change their lives for the better.     – Sybille (Germany).