Below are some tips if you are embarking on your spiritual journey, although some may need tailoring to suit the current coronavirus pandemic.

1. Spend time in nature.  If you are lucky enough to have a garden, enjoy just being in it and watching it change over the seasons. Even just a walk around your neighbourhood, noticing the wildlife, trees and plants, helps strengthen your connection, not just to nature but also to the energy/spirit of the land where you are living or visiting.

2. Create a sacred space or altar.  You probably have a place already, where you put photos or meaningful objects, so try and develop this.  Ideally locate it in a peaceful area, where you can sit with it undisturbed.   It can contain any objects or pictures that are relevant to you and your own take on spirituality :  Religious objects, gifts from nature, candles, crystals, figurines, carvings, photos of loved ones or idols, totems, mandalas, etc.  Anything that feels important, beautiful or sacred to you.  Review it and change it as you feel fit.  It should be dynamic and reflect your own personal spiritual journey.

3. Take time out of your schedule to meditate.  There is a meditation guide on my blog if you are new too this.  You may also wish to try shamanic journeying. (   Using a rattle or drum and a mindfold may be helpful. (  Meditating with your altar, or objects from it, is also powerful.

4. Give thanks.  Find things to be thankful for, even small things; another day, fresh air, food, water, your health, shelter, friends, family, front line workers.  Gratitude is powerfully humbling.

5. Keep a journal.  Noting your thoughts and experiences pertinent to your journey can act as way markers in the future, when you look back at the path you have taken and see just how far you have come.  It is also a good place to record the many new tools and techniques you will learn.

6. During this pandemic embrace the opportunity to go inwards.  Often one’s own spiritual journey can be solitary, as we must ultimately deal with things alone.  However do not forget to connect with others and foster empathy, even if not directly in person.  The telephone and internet are great tools. We learn much from each other.

7. We are what we eat.  Try to move to a more wholesome diet and reduce alcohol intake, but remember to treat yourself.  Everything in moderation, as they say.

8. Keep physically active, but be gentle with yourself.  Listen to your body.

9. Practice mindfulness.  Be present. Take notice of what is happening around you.  Is the universe or mother nature trying to tell you something? What are the signs or “coincidences”?

10. Accept you do not know everything.  No one does. Accept that there is something more and that science does not have all the answers.  Personally I believe in science, but scientific explanations will always be a subset of “what is”.  However, do not be fooled by conjecture, unfounded ideas, or egotistical persuasions.  Discover your own truth.  It is different for each one of us.

…and remember it is, of course, about the journey and not the destination 🙂