Distant (Remote) Healing

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Distant, or remote healing, is available wherever you are in the world, as distance is not a barrier to energetic healing and the powerful transformational effect it can have when a mutual intention is being worked upon.

Science is beginning to understand such energetic processes, demonstrated by the now-proven phenomenon of quantum entanglement, where two fundamental particles, i.e. photons (particles of light), can share properties, however far apart they are from each other. Einstein called it, “spooky action at a distance.”

Many issues can be worked upon in a transformative way. Be they physical or mental health, stress and anxiety, feeling stuck or lacking clarity in your life, relationships, cutting ties, a long-term problem not being resolved or clearing blocks, for example. Or you may wish just to explore your spiritual side more deeply. This form of healing is also ideal if there are concerns about social distancing.

The Distant Healing Session consists of an initial telephone consultation, to discuss the issue you would like help with and further explain the process, followed by a thirty-minute period when you are asked to be laying down (or sitting, if easier) wherever you are, as I connect with you and work remotely. Details of what you need to do during this time will be given but likely to be a simple guided meditation, which will be provided. I will email you afterwards with a summary of the findings, discuss how the healing can be incorporated into your daily life and let you know any recommended further actions.

A more detailed description of the process will be sent out before the session, which will last about one hour overall.

Great shifts can take place when help is asked for, and when one is open to receiving it.

Trevor’s guidance before and after the session was great, and I felt confident that the healing was taking place. Just a few days afterwards I had interesting synchronicities happen, confirming how my energy has changed. After the healing I felt already totally different and much more at ease.” Julia, 2020

Please note, I can only work with adults that contact me directly and give their approval. As much as we often want to help others, especially those we love, everyone has a choice as to what help, if any, they ask for and receive.

For sessions with children, young adults, or those unable to ask for themselves, please contact me to discuss further.

Note also that this is a complementary therapy and should not replace professional medical care and guidance. You should always follow the advice of your doctor or your trained professional healthcare providers.

Distant Healing – £65 (€75/US$90) via paypal below or bank transfer. Low-income concessions available.

To book or for more information please contact me via mobile: 0794 1315 140 WhatsApp +44 794 1315 140 or email: trevor@ShamanicHelp.org.

Distant Healing


Mini Course of Three Remote Sessions:

If you are new or sceptical about contemporary shamanism and spirituality, or are just looking for a deeper experience, then I suggest a mini course comprised of three remote sessions, individually tailored and including additional exercises, support and training to help you on your spiritual journey.

Ideally the three sessions should take place once a week for three weeks but timings are flexible.

Mini course of three sessions – £150 (€175/US$210) via paypal below or bank transfer

To book or for more information please contact me via mobile : 0794 1315 140 WhatsApp +44 794 1315 140 or email : trevor@ShamanicHelp.org.

Mini course of three sessions


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