Distant Healing


Distant (remote) healing is offered to anywhere in the world, as distance is not a barrier to intention and energetic healing work.

The time of the session will need to be co-ordinated, as I would still need to connect with you energetically, and ask that you email/whatsapp me a recent photo (or selfie) of yourself and a brief summary of your problem beforehand. The session will require you to be laying down, relaxing and open to receiving help for about 45mins, whilst I work remotely. I will call/email you afterwards with feedback to help you understand and incorporate the healing into your daily life.

Please note, I can only work with adults that contact me directly and give their approval. As much as we often want to help others, especially those we love, everyone has a choice as to what help, if any, they ask for and receive.

For sessions with children, young adults, or those unable to ask for themselves, please contact me to discuss.

Distant Healing donation minimum of £45 (€55)

To book or for more information please get in touch via mobile : 0794 1315 140 WhatsApp +44 794 1315 140 or email : trevor@ShamanicHelp.org.

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