Guided Meditations/Journeys

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This section contains a number of free guided meditations (or journeys) that you are welcome to download or listen to. Other journeys are available as part of the distant healing, individual session or mini course package.

It is best to use headphones to listen and, if comfortable, a blindfold or similar to go into darkness.

Be in a comfortable position, sitting or laying down, in a safe space where you will not be disturbed for twenty minutes.

Switch your phone to silent before starting the mp3 file.

The guided meditation will generally follow a similar pattern, beginning with me taking you through a landscape that can be visualised in your mind. If you struggle with visualisation, then perhaps you can feel or sense it, or possibly remember a similar situation from your past.

You will be guided through this landscape to a certain place, and here you will have a task to complete, the focus or intention of the “journey”. At this point my guidance will stop but I will continue to rattle with a steady tempo. If you lose focus, fall asleep, or come out of the journey, don’t worry that’s fine, just gently bring yourself back by locking onto the rattling, and continuing with the purpose of the journey.

This is a safe inner space to explore and feel the freedom, inner calm and peace that meditation, guided or otherwise, brings. You may find yourself flying, swimming, deep in the earth or zooming through space and time, all of which is perfectly ok. You will be able to breathe and move wherever you go, feeling comfortable in any environment.

When it is time to end you will be “called back” by a change in the rattling tempo, marking the end of your journey. It is then time to return and I will guide you through this.

Once complete it is a good idea to take a little time staying in the energy of the journey, perhaps letting the salient points or insights sink in, and giving thanks to any people or spirit allies that may have come to you during the meditation. If drawn to, journal your journey.

Be gentle with yourself and allow the relaxation of the journey to stay with you as you ease back into your day or evening.

Be aware in the following days of any signs that the universe is showing you, pertinent to your journey.

Much love