“what is”

I have always trusted science and the proofs and truths it has afforded me through my education.  However through my spiritual work I now understand that science does not explain everything.  In time it’s envelope will increase to encompass what is currently unclear, such as the quantum world, the human brain, consciousness, black holes, dark matter, etc, and maybe even some spiritual techniques, but it will always be a subset of what humanity (or some of humanity) already know, and this in turn is just a part of “what is” or how things are (see below pdf).  Gravity for example was never discovered. It has always been there doing it’s thing.  Perhaps other forces are there too, just waiting to be detected, measured and recognised by science.  Maybe some of them can be felt and used by people in healing.  Maybe there have always been people who have used these forces or energies to help others.  Shaman think so.

what is

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